A decade of crises – Is the EU hit and sunk?

After one decade of crises, European Union is no longer the cradle of democracy and solidarity it used to be. Rise of populism, financial instability, refugees crisis… EU needs to wake up from inaction or it will lose not only its political innocence, but the confidence of its citizens.

Democracy is killing democracy: The Catalan case

One of the great ironies of how democracies die in our days is that the “defence of democracy” is often used as a pretext for its subversion. Democracies today do not usually die due to military coups; democratic backsliding nowadays begins at the end ballot box. That is exactly what is happening in Catalonia.

Sustainable capitalism is no longer an oxymoron

Firms under capitalist regimes have yielded incredible amount of wealth and better quality of life for many individuals, but in some cases they have also accentuated shocking levels of inequality across societies. However, recent examples prove that capitalism can be compatible with social focus, eliminating the existing mantra that firms need to choose between profits…

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